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Hey Gang,

    Thanks to all who came out to Lancaster's Jazz & Blues Fest and stayed through the rain to hear us and even danced through it. It was a ton of fun. And if you were lucky enough to stay for the Reese Project who came on after us, I know you had a blast. Those guys tore it up. I was so thrilled with hearing  their set, that I got them to work with me on a couple of new tunes that we are going to record together.

    We will be playing the Symposiums this Friday the 27th. I am so looking forward to it. Need to get in the middle of that music and your energy to burn this chill off my bones. If you're out in costume, please stop out and show it off. This is our guitarist, "Big Tone Torres' favorite holiday of the year. This Kat lived in a grave yard till last year. -no lie.

Everybody's asking, and here's the answer.....Of course we are doing our 5th annual Thanksgiving Back Party again at the Lancaster Elks Club on Nov. 22  9 -1 to benefit Hospice of Lancaster County. It's always on the night before Thanksgiving and it's been voted "Best party of the year" -year after year! Tickets will be available at the start of Nov. at Valentino's Cafe, and the Alley Kat and are $10 in adv. and $12 at the door. Plan B is our special guests for the evening, we are really looking forward to sharing the stage with them! Also we will be having a new Years Eve Party there, this year so please put it on your schedule a while, because it will be the place to be!

So what do you do with your millions when you're a successful songwriter and bandleader like I am? You start a convenience store franchise and call it D.C.'s General Store! Well actually there is only one of them at this point and it's in Lost Creek, W. Virginia. My accountant said it's a good test spot, If I can make it there I can make it anywhere, it's up to you Lost Creek, Lost Creek. Sing along-

Ok, the truth is I was white water rafting last weekend down at Fayetteville, W. VA with 7 other insane drunken individuals, and we found this store on a bathroom break on the way home. This photo was taken by Brian Musser who is definitely one of the above mentioned.  The weekend was a trip. We drove 7 hours, camped out and found more ways to stay cold and wet  all weekend long and actually had a blast.    Check this out, It was Bridge day down there, where all these skydivers come from around the world and jump off the 876 foot bridge, and glide to earth. We're rafting down the New River, It's about the end of the trip and we stop right before bridge to watch these people jump off. The first one that we get see jump, went straight down, his chute didn't even start coming out till he was about 20 feet above the water. Everybody just stared in amazement, I looked back and said, " he's dead , isn't he" Yep. "Let's go get him", "Na they got people for that". They resumed jumping in about 20 minutes and everybody else used their parachute. Kind of weird, huh?

Well it's time to get to this sent out, get some dinner in me, and hit the sac. But if you're ever in Lost Creek, W. Va. make sure that you stop in at D.C.'s General Store. Tell 'em your a friend of mine and they'll give you an extra scoop of rocky road on your ice cream cone, no charge. ( minim two scoops paid in advance.)

Pack your chute carefully - see ya real soon!



Much Love!



 If you want us to play your private parties  please get in touch with me as soon as possible because the schedules getting full and we sure like to take care of our friends first. email me at dc-co@comcast.net .

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