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Hey gang, Count down is on!!

  First of all, happy holidays from us to you! This is the first in many that I've just relaxed, and enjoyed every thing around me! Wasn't trying to be a million things for a million different people, wasn't panicking about not having enough money, comfortably broke is the way I'm looking at it this year. There's plenty of time to panic after the holidays. I just enjoyed everything and every one that were always right there at my finger tips. I sure hope I can repeat this in the future.

The countdown is for our New years Eve, CD release party at the Elks Club! (click here for details)    It's going to be a great party, and I'm only saying that because of the ingredients that this party consists of. First and foremost is every member of the D.C. & Co. family, which are truly family to me and extremely dedicated and creative musicians, are going to be together. I know from the ticket sales that so many of the people that have kept us in business and shared our music and turned every gig into a party are going to be there. My good friend, Paul Scott and Smooth Jazz 92.7 did a great job promoting the event. Our new CD, "D.C. & Co. Alive" is finally being released, and I know that you're going to love it!

    Not to mention our special guest that are coming in to jam with us and share their music and love, well I am going to mention them any how! Jimmy "Blues" Phipps from Blue Light Special will be harpin' n' howlin'! Rose Hudson, who has a couple of tracks on our new CD will be kickin' it like only she can! And long time D.C. & Co. family member Jazz/ bluesman Frank DiNunzio will be coming up from Atlantic City to party with us too.

Tickets are only $10 in adv. and $15 at the door will be available at Valentino's Cafe 128 Rider Ave. And the Alley Kat 30 W. Lemon Street. As always there  cash bar & food available.Full Dining available in the Elks Dining Room prior to show. Reservations needed, call (717)397-7704 or email by clicking here.

Special thanks to our good friend Chris Tremellen of Adventure Guide Magazine, for taking care of our art and poster printing. This guy makes graphics come alive! And has a printer that is as good as any out there! If you ever need a small run printed he will give you the best quality for the least money. Any where from 2 -5,000 copies. He'll hook you up, I promise. call him 717 669 9400

You can purchase all or any of our CDs at CD Baby by clicking here!

Yes, I am looking for new venues near and far, to book for next year, if you have any suggestions, connections, or pull. I would appreciate your help. We are looking to play more festivals, city events, ect... Where ever there's people, we'll make a party. Click here to help.

Hey Thanks again, You truly are beautiful!



Much Love!



 If you want us to play your private parties  please get in touch with me as soon as possible because the schedules getting full and we sure like to take care of our friends first. email me at dc-co@comcast.net .

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