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Hey Gang,

Get a double dose of us this weekend! This Fri May 19th from 5:30 -9:00, we'll be doing the deck party at Clipper Magazine Stadium."The Barnstormers are away so we're gonna play!"

  Just $3.00 to get in, they'll have food specials and liquid refreshments for sale. It sounds like fun to me! Click here for more details!

 Sat. May 20th we'll be back at the Symposium from 9 -12. that's always a blast. Hopefully my voice will hold out, after that bout with laryngitis  it comes and goes, but if Mark can give me a good monitor mix we'll be ok.

Oh yea,  I'd like to welcome all the new folks from all around the world that joined our mailing list in the last week or so from musicone.com, where we are getting over 1,000 listens a day from music fans around the world click here to check it out.  So make yourselves at home look around the site enjoy some music, (don't hesitate to purchase a CD...) and please keep checking in. There's beers and sodas in the fridge, & we'll be grilling shortly. 

Hey please check out a children's book that I wrote . It's a fun way to learn or teach how to read. It's called "Down on the Corner of Alphabet Street"  (starring Mr."H") It deals with a reading stumbling block in a fun and imaginative way, that will last for ever. A lady named Jaime Novicki, did a great job illustrating it. (Since then, she's gotten married and moved away, if anyone has contact info on her please email me by clicking here.)  I'm trying to find a publisher and in the meantime I'll be selling it from the site. If anyone has any dealing with children's literary agencies or publishers, please shoot me an email by clicking here. But click here or on the book to view it in it's entirety.  Sorry for the dial-up readers, I'm sure it will take time to load, but I couldn't find a better way to get it viewable on line.

I've got to go - God bless!

see ya soon!




 If you want us to play your private parties  please get in touch with me as soon as possible because the schedules getting full and we sure like to take care of our friends first. email me at dc-co@comcast.net .

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