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Eric Ensminger

found Eric about 6 or 7 years ago playing with the great R &B & Funk but now defunked band “  Blitz Dinette".  After scoring the horn sections myself for the “Somethin’s Definitely Goin’On’” CD. And hearing Blitz’s arrangements, I knew these kind of things were better off  left to the pros. So I  brought him into do a lot of the arrangements on “Somethin’s Happenin’” and he’s been a family member ever since .

When it comes recording time, he sort of becomes the horn coordinator. Between his creative perfectionism, and my “hurry up this is costing me a fortune” we battle it out till we have a great recording.  Eric spent most of his career in the Philly and Atlantic City area playing professionally in many horn sections. He is a fantastic song writer and arranger. He also teaches trumpet in the Central PA area.  When you hear that high note, that’s Eric. Check out his solo on La Samba de Costarella on our "Ain't That Somethin' album.

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