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The last 2 weeks have been a blast, with "Lancaster's


Hey Gang,
   I hope all is well, it's been a fun and busy past week. I want to thank everyone for your interest and support.
    Thanks for showing up at "Lancaster's Blues Courtyard  Concert Series". press conference. Boy, haven't been that nervous since my first gig.
Public speaking and making music are 2 entirely different animals. Looks like we pulled it off, they had nice articles in booth the Intell & New Era. And we are excited to announce that "Smooth Jazz 92.7" has partnered with us to be our Media Sponsor! Again Thanks to all. oh yea, check out the concert series web site at www.courtyardconcerts.net .
    Another Big thanks to Adrian Garcia, the great Trumpeter from the band "Los Fantasticos", that sat in with us at the Symposium on Sat. night.
   He had me be a guest on his radio show on FM 91.3 this past Sunday. The show is called "Latin Jazz Cross Over" it's on every Sunday 11:00am -1:00 pm. He introduced me to so much great music, and taught me so much about it. If you love Jazzhorns, & rhythms that'll knock your socks off, please check this show out, and let Adrian share his knowledge and passion with you.
  And if that ain't enough press, many thanks to all at  "Fly Magazine" and writer "Matt Johnson" for featuring us in Feb.'s addition. Sometimes people write about you, and they get it, and sometimes they don't. Matt gets it! Click here to read article.
    No gigs to report until the 18th of Feb., when we'll be back at Rookies at the Days Inn on Keller Ave. but please visit the web site, I have photos to put on from that last time at Rookies from Beautiful Aunt Darlene. I hope to have them up by weeks end.
opps! 10:20 I've got to get to work!
Much love,
P.S. Smile!

P.S.S. We are still taking sponsors for Lancaster's Blues Courtyard Concert Series. This 5 month concert series offers over 6 months of continuous & aggressive advertising and promotion through out Central PA. Title sponsorship  as well as many other promotional packages are available. Click here to find a sponsorship level that is right for you.




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