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The last 2 weeks have been a blast, with "Lancaster's



Hey Gang,
    You guy's are the greatest. Thanks to all who shared the "Thanks Givin Back". Fundraiser for "Hospice of Lancaster County".
   It was soooo much fun, and we raised over $3000.00 for Hospice of Lancaster County and were even able to give a couple of hundred towards Christmas presents for the resident children of Crispus Attucks.
    Soulful Harmony was fantastic! Many thanks to them. People really jumped in to help with the event, ticket sales, and donations. Special THANKS to John Young and Heather Robertson, and their kids Olivia, & Kyle for all their efforts in making it run smoothly!
   It's what Thanksgiving  is all about, coming to be with the people you love, showing your appreciation for all that we have, and sharing with people not as fortunate. 

 Something else just getting underway, David Gipe from Lancaster aLive! and I are putting together "Lancaster's Blues Courtyard Concert Series". It will be 5 fresh air concerts featuring 3 high quality Blues Bands (including a National act) on the last Sunday afternoon of the month from May thru Sept.  This will be held in Downtown Lancaster, PA  in Marion Courtroom Restaurant and Bars courtyard.

Last year we did the "Lancaster's Summertime Blues Bake" there, and that inspired this Concert Series. Today we were talking to the Mayor, Kelly Withum (head of D.I.D.)  Lisa Riggs (J.S.I.D.) and Jack Howell (Lancaster Alliance) and everybody is jumping on board!

We have some great sponsorship packages for anybody wanting 7 months of high profile promotion and advertising for their company, via radio, print and internet. We also have small business and individual packages for as low as $50.00 in our monthly Concert programs. email me for more info.


Oh yea, Christmas. I don't feel it yet but I will. I wish you the best Holidays ever! Hope you get to be with the people you love!

Much Love!




P.S. our CDs make great presents!!




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