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The last 2 weeks have been a blast, with "Lancaster's


Hey Gang,

    Feb'.s over, looks like we're gonna, make it into warm weather and outside fun, maybe some more snow, but it will disappear quick. Time to get the fishing license.

We had some fun gigs last month at Rookies Sports bar, and the Symposium, glad you all came out and partied with us. It was great to get a chance to have Mike Bitts on bass with Dave Santana on drums, I always wanted to hear that mix.

   Thanks to my sister Karen And Fly Magazine we have new Super D.C. & Co. t-shirts out. They have the Super hero logo Fly Mag. used in the article on us last month. They're black with Gold print. I don't sell them off the web yet, but if you want some, send a check to Dave Costarella 924 First St. Lancaster, PA 17603 $15 each - sizes small through XXX are available.

   The construction biz has been keeping me from spending my time updating the web, and working on music in general, but I'm gonna take some time next week to get things done, we are excited to announce that we have Blue Cross, and Hotel Brunswick on as sponsors for Lancaster's Blues Courtyard Concert Series. We still need to find some businesses that would benefit from 6 months of continuous and aggressive promotion and advertising to join us for this great community event.

    Did you catch D.C. family member Nate Skiles performing on Letterman last week with Amos Lee? If not you can catch them on Leno on March 23rd. Nate played guitar and trumpet with us from the time he was 14 till he went to collage and recorded on our Somethin's Happenin' CD. He and some other students formed the great band "Town Hall" for the last 4 years or so they've been touring up and down the East coast in a van and making an impressive name for themselves. They're all great guys and great musicians I know they'll keep moving forward. Nate's going to continue to tour with songwriter/performer Amos Lee. They will be touring with Bob Dylan around the US for the next 2 months, than Japan and Europe. Go Boy!!!

   On a less happier note I want to send my condolences to another long time D.C. family member, Frank DiNunzio III. His Grandfather Frank the 1st. long time Swing Big Band leader, who has toured the world and performed with everyone in the big Band era, has recently passed away. He performed well into his 90s and he & his swing band were the house band at Hershey Park up until a year ago. Frank the 3rd is one of the most naturally gifted musicians that I've had the pleasure of working and recording with, and I know his grandfather lives on through him.


Well we have a Sat. night off, and I'm going out and catch some of the great live music Lancaster has to offer. Maybe I'll run into you.


See ya soon!

Much love,
P.S. to have good friends you need to be a good friend. collect them!

P.S.S. We are still taking sponsors for Lancaster's Blues Courtyard Concert Series. This 5 month concert series offers over 6 months of continuous & aggressive advertising and promotion through out Central PA. Title sponsorship  as well as many other promotional packages are available. Click here to find a sponsorship level that is right for you.




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