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Photo Gallery

If you have good live shots of D.C. & Co. please send them to us. If we like 'em will put it
on the site and give you full credit for your good work. Click  on the events below to view photos.
Chameleon Blues Fest   Lend A Foot 2002    Givin' Back 2003   Thanks Givin' Back 2004          D.C. & friends Blues fests 2005


Click on the links below to go to see photo gallery

D.C. and Commander Cody

Click here to see photos of D.C. with other artists and friends at Blues fests in 2005


photo by Albert Kiely

Click here to view Chameleon Club Blues Festival - 2/22/03


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Click here to view Lend a Foot Benefit for Gary

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Click here to view Givin' Back Benefit for Hospice of Lancaster County    Nov.26  2003

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Thanks Givin' Back 2004 with special guests "Soulful Harmony"
was held on Nov.24 (my brother Matt's birthday) that's him celebrating! Here are some photo's of the evening
Click here to view photos of the event

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