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 Pictures of Ellis Ruleys' paintings from Discovering Ellis Ruley by Glenn Robert Smith

Music "South of Eden" by D.C. & Co. "Ain't That Somethin'" album(song may take a few minutes to load up, enjoy the slide show and read info below while it loads, thanks)


Ellis Ruley

Ellis Ruley  was a primitive artist in Norwich, Conn. His paintings were on poster board and done with house paints. The paintings that now sell for thousands of dollars, were sold by the artist for $15.00. Ruley was a Black man in a suburban white town, and died a suspicious death. A friend of my father's, "Glenn Smith" discovered a Ruley painting by accident and researched the mans' life. The art is wonderful and the story is very interesting, in Glenn Smith's "Discovering Ellis Ruley" (please click here to for more info on the book, or to purchase it.) Infact the book inspired me to write this song "South of Eden" The song is available on our "Ain't That Somethin'" CD. (Click here to purchase it)

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