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TM   Turkey Balls Sold Here!

                It's Dinner In A Ball

                             .....Yeah, Really!

Real Food, Real Fast & Really Good!

Every thing but the cranberry sauce. It's a whole Thanksgiving style turkey dinner rolled into balls, and ready to go from your freezer to your dinner table in minutes.

Special right now..12 pack with gravy $15.00. 30 pack with gravy, $30.00. Home made turkey gravy by the quart $8.00

To inquire about wholesale pricing please click here.

To inquire about small quantity retail orders please click here.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. Is it really a whole Turkey dinner?

A. Yes, without giving the recipe away, we do it just like Grandma would. We cook a whole Turkey, we make real mashed potatoes, and stuffing, add sweet corn. Even make the gravy, all natural no preservatives.

Q. Is it all white meat?

A. No, we figured God knew what he was doing when he made turkeys, so we mix it up according to his ratio.

Q. How big is a Turkey Ball and how many come in an order?

A. A turkey Ball is aprox. a 2" ball weighing just under 2oz. . We generally sell them in bags of 30 with 1 quart of our delicious home made Turkey gravy. We recommend 3 balls to a serving, but eat as many as you like.

Q. How do I cook Turkey Balls?

A. We've already cooked them. You can take them from your freezer or refrigerator, put three balls in a microwavable bowl, add a couple spoons full of gravy. microwave on high for 2 -3 minutes and you're ready to go!  To cook in oven or toaster oven, thaw balls completely, pre heat oven to 350 degrees' , put balls on baking pan, and heat for 12 minutes. heat gravy separately. We have people that like to eat them cold, too..

Q. Are there other Fastball Products?

A. Yes, but not on the market yet. We have a couple ready to go, and more in development. Stay tuned!

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ServSafe certification no. 6186376

Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Agriculture Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services Certification No.51645

Food Product manufacturer Insurance certificate upon request.


We are in the process of making this an online business, please be patient, making the Turkey Balls takes a lot of time, but we hope to be up and running shortly, shipping Turkey Balls right to your door, with online sales by credit card and pay pall. For now, Please email for sales enquiries by clicking here, or call us at 717 293 0851

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