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Music and Business Services

Here are just some of the services offered by Dave Costarella. These diverse services all have common threads to accomplish them completely and successfully. Through many years as a record label, songwriter, producer, recording artist, bandleader, marketer, events coordinator, and general contractor in building and remodeling, Dave has learned what it takes to get things done.

The key is seeing the final vision of the product whether it's a song, a video, a CD, an event, a product or a building. You have to find out what it looks like, what it feels like, what it needs to accomplish, & how you want people to react to it. You have to have the ability to look from the  inside out and the outside in. Be the creator -and the consumer, listener, or attendee. You have to draw it out and think it through from top to bottom, gather the necessary tools and experts. Lay strong foundations, then bring it to life!

  Each project has it's own personality, flavor, and ability to stand out from the rest. Realizing and accomplishing that challenge is what we do !

For more information how we can help you with your projects, please call (717)293 -0851 or email here

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Producer - from concept to completed CD, promotion, songwriter demos.

Songwriting - For your Band, Movie, or Commercial jingle.

Songwriting - We'll write and record a song for you! For any occasion. Make it personal, weddings, engagements, anniversary Children, Family movies.

Supplying Entertainment - musicians, performers, bands, for all occasions.

Events coordinating and consulting - Bring out the best in your event.

Marketing Consultant - regardless of product we'll help you reach your target.

Business Consultant -Trouble shooting business and production problems.


We offer complete music production service from concept, to full CD recording, demo recording,  art work, manufacturing, and promotion..

14 years of studio recording, producing, record label, CD production experience.

The ability to take a song to it's full potential and bringing it to life on a recording.

A stable of very talented and professional musicians that allow the songwriter to have their songs go from idea to professional quality , quickly and cost effectively.

Experience in finding a studio that's right for your project.

Up to date promotion experience in an ever changing music industry.

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Events Coordinating and Consultation work.  From Community events, Music Festivals, corporate functions, CD release, to pig roasts and residential parties.

We bring out the best in your event.

We can produce your event from start to finish.

Or we can help you and your staff design it. Or supply expertise in the following areas. Music & Entertainment, Catering, Themes, Promotion, ect...

Finding out what you want to accomplish at your event, making it fun and knowing how to get it done. It's taking care of all the little details that make it a great event!

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Writing and recording Music for your project!

If you are an artist, band or producer looking for someone that can write music for your particular sound D.C. has a knack for getting to know the artist, their natural phrasing,  feel, effect and contents and delivering music that showcases the artist.

Film, commercial jingles and play scores,

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Writing and recording music for any occasion-for any emotion, for the one you love!

Weddings, Anniversary, Birthdays, songs for your children, Background for your family films. We'll turn your thoughts, emotions, and visions into music for your occasion.

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Great Entertainment For Your Event!

Years of performing and coordinating events, and working with hundreds of musicians, and performers, has put me in the know of which bands make a party and which ones don't.

If you need great entertainment for your event I'll get you the best available regionally or Nationally. The ones that thrill us. Also if you need a player or a temporary band to back you for an event or recording, a horn section for the studio,  or some one to score a section for your recording, you've come to the right place.

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Consulting on Marketing of any products.

  We'll find the right angle and methods to get you or your product to your target market.     Contact Dave

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Trouble shooting business and production problems.

Sometimes it's hard to see the whole picture when you're in the center of it, trying to keep all the balls in the air without letting them drop. We use a combination of commonsense and imagination to help you get your business back on the track to success.

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