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Hey Gang,

I know it's been a while since I've updated this page. We are on a hiatus. We'll start gigging again at the end of Feb. And I'm putting together a party at the Elks Club on March 11, so stay tuned for special guest & ticket info.

In the mean time please come out this Thurs. Feb 2nd 7:30 -9:30 p.m.  I will be guest bartender at Rookies Sports Bar & Grill , 30 Keller Ave. at the Days Inn, in Lancaster.

All tips and profit from drink sales during that time will go to the Milagro House. The Milagro House provides transitional housing for homeless women with children, while giving them the support and training they need to lead a self sufficient and productive life. Years ago we performed at a benefit for the Milagro House and I learned about the fantastic work they do and I got to meet Renee Valentine the (kick ass)  lady that invented and perpetuates this life changing organization. She's one of my heroes! So come on out and have a drink and let's raise some money for a great cause. Oh yea, they promised me there would be 2 very capable and beautiful bartenders there to assist me.

   What else is new? I just received a royalty check from BMI. NBC's Today show played our song "Party on th 4th of July" (off the Ain't That Somethin' CD) back in June. What a nice surprise it was to get a check last week.

   Some bad news.... we will not be putting together the Blues Concert series this Summer. There are several reasons we opted not to. The main one was that the city decided we had to have a zoning hearing for our noise variances. (2 -6 on a Sunday afternoon???) and that took us out of the time frame we needed to get sponsorship, start booking bands and putting our promotional material together. Under the best of situations putting this together is a ton of unpaid work and a risk of financial ruin. (a rainy summer) But we sure did have fun last summer. We'll do a couple of one day things at other locations stay tuned.

    Oh yea, check out my Ellis Ruley page that I just put up. Years ago Glenn Smith gave me a book he had written about a primitive artist named Ellis Ruley. It inspired me to write the song "South of Eden" after reading. And I always thought the song should be a background for his artwork, so I put a slide show together on this page. click here to view.I also added a lyrics and poetry page that I've got more to post, click on the yellow for all these links, and I put another photo page with the artist we hung out with last year click here to view.

Hey I have to get going.

Much love -see ya soon!



 If you want us to play your private parties  please get in touch with me as soon as possible because the schedules getting full and we sure like to take care of our friends first. email me at dc-co@comcast.net .

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