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 Hey, thanks for checking this out. I've been studying this for the last six years and I sincerely believe that there's a better way to serve and reduce our homeless population  I would love to see Lancaster as a City/County step up and announce that our homeless population is our brothers and sisters, our citizens, and we need to come together and help them help them selves. I know that there are proven methods that work much better than what we have in place to offer, we have to invite private sector to help with locations, efforts, and finances.

 I  think once we do that successfully, and improve life and the way we treat people from the bottom up, Lancaster will have the tools and the inclination to transfer it to other and maybe all facets of life. It needs to start here. Our leaders need to let people know that it's ok to love, that these are beautiful human beings that need our assistance and that we are all one community. I know that there is a beauty and a magic that happens when you set your intentions and invite the energy of the world collectively; more doors open and possibilities present themselves. (Like in San Antonio in the documentary below, Beyond Homelessness)

 Below are things that I think will help improve or open your thoughts to new directions with dealing with our homeless population. I'll post more as they come and feel free to be in touch with any productive thoughts, info or ideas. So much love! -DC email here

A plea to save Lancaster   Doing nothing, changing nothing, or waiting for two to three years till something better can come to fruition is a death sentence to so many and our town as a whole. click here to continue reading.

  “My People Clean Up” 5/29/23

      Presently I have 4 of My People cleaning up 4 parks, (Culliton, Linear, Reservoir, and The Binn’s Park area) and the transformation both in cleanliness and human transformation has been amazing to watch. Each person receives a $20 donation daily, for keeping them clean, seven days a week; we’ve paid out just over $2,000.00 to date. The Mayor’s office has reached out in gratefulness and we will be looking at other productive projects to both empower my people and beautify our City.

Click here to Read the article about it, by One United Lancaster

Accounting and update as of 6/30 /23 click here.

So please consider donating and sharing this with your people, because $20 does make a big difference to our people and this project.

Thanks and much love –DC



Good To See You  Hey, it’s so good to see you! Say it verbally, say it with your eyes, and mean it with your soul. It is the best tool for reaching anyone. Twenty-five degrees out, most, hunkered down and asleep in their sleeping bag; when I announce “coming at you with food” to not startle them or invade their space, 80% of them, (drug addicts, mentally ill, or just people in a strange spot going through things they’ve never imagined they’d go through,) fight through their sleep and open their eyes, just to hear me say “So good to see you; do you need anything?”. Almost always the response is just a sleepy genuine smile, that says “thank you for being glad to see me” and a verbal “I’m ok thanks”...  click here to read more

A Fresh Approach   In 2020, after serving my people on the street for four years,  I realized that if we are going to do anything more than perpetuate their homelessness we'll need to look at things differently and come up with better strategies.  "A Fresh Approach" is a booklet that I wrote to get this thought process started. It is continuously being used in classes for our local law enforcement and at Millersville University social work course. If you are involved with serving our homeless on any level, please download a printable free copy by clicking  here.   Feel free to share it and your feedback is more than welcome. contact me.  Thanks and much love - DC   

Beyond Homelessness  Chase or Embrace??? Here is an award winning documentary of  two different approaches of dealing with homelessness. The first depicts San Francisco spending billions a year trying to make homelessness go away without embracing the problem as a human problem that needs humane solutions as their homeless population increases. (This is where we are heading if we don't do better.) The second is where the mayor of San Antonio, announced publicly that these are our people and we can do better for them and invited the private sector to help and the ongoing success at a fraction of the cost that is happening there. Please take the time to view it. Beyond Homelessness click hear to view it

Haven For Hope in San Antonia is having tremendous success by embracing and working with all aspects of homelessness and the population by bringing all the tools under one roof with a "We're so glad to see you" approach.  Many cities are visiting and using it as a model . Please take their virtual tour by clicking here

Beyond Homelessness panel discussion I though this would reiterate the video, but there is a lot of great information and nuts and bolts and costs of why things work and don't. It's about an hour long but great info here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RvP0WHPhYI

A letter from an out reach worker. Click here to read.   I got to work with this lady, who will remain nameless, but one of the most gutsiest, kindest and most caring out reach worker. Since she left, some things have improved , but not enough. She has a lot of good info in her letter. We only have a few left who dedicate themselves completely. But honestly you can make  much more money for a lot less time and effort in other areas of social work. And that needs to be corrected too. Please read her letter. Click here to read

 A Message From Melissa  I changed the name but I didn't dare change or correct any of her writing. I am not saying that she is 100% accurate but it's 100% what she feels, like so many others that I deal with, And I couldn't agree more with her statement "The Insanity of the well people is the brokenness of the homeless"

Thanks anyway ❤️ 💜I'm in the woods trying to live and not be hopelessly in this viscous homeless revolving doors of trauma....I give up....people hurt people to much an nobody cares....just HATE.....IVE BEEN BETWEEN MISSIONS AND ON THE GROUND SLEEPING NO WATER NO BATHROOMS NO LOVE...SO IM TIRED OF SPINNING IN DESPERATE CIRCLE ⭕ ⭕ ⭕ ⭕ ⭕ITS GETTING COLD SO I WILL DIG A SAFE PLACE AN FIND A JOB...THE INSANITY OF WELL PEOPLE IS THE BROKENNESS OF THE HOMELESS..MAY IS HOW LONG IVE BEEN LITERALLY BEGGING FOR HELP....MISSIONS ARE CRUEL AND THEY BREAK 💔AND FEED THEMSELVES ....HANDS ACROSS THE STREET..LIZZY THE COUNCIL...WOW HORRIBLE....WE BARLEY EAT IN COLUMBIA..BUT THEY HAVE A 50$ MILLIONS MISSION IN AOTHER STATE WHILE WE STARVE THEY GET RICH...IM DONE...IM GONNA FIND A WAY TO SURVIVE AND HEAL FROM THIS TRAUMA OF SO MUCH HATE AD LEARN TO LIVE ON MY OWN SOMEHOW...SO IF YOU WANT TO HELP THEN HELP ALL THESE PEOPLE STUCK BLAMED AN SHAMED WITH NO WAY OUT....THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.....IM JUST DONE GOOD PEOPLE ARE Scared or to scared..not giong to keep on begging 😢 😭 😢 😭.....ARED AND THE BAD ONES ARE WINNING PEOPLE JUS WATCH INNOCENCE BE so violated in DESTRUCTION of others hatred....IDK what else to try are systems have fialed us .and people have fialed me they scared I'm not I'm gonna survive.,I thank you for reaching out to me that's why I responded to give you just a taste of y Innocence of so much love FADE out from the 🌎.get peace an stop asking for help and just handle me SURVIVAL of the winter....thanks for listening.....

a One Love World
A One Love World