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A Fresh Approach (serving our homeless)

My People on the Street Project

A One Love World Event 2021 Sun. Sept. 26th 3:00 -7:00

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Let us out of the Box! Did You know that you can play our music anywhere in the world, from TouchTunes Juke Boxes? Just push search and type in D.C. & Co. (don't forget the periods) and you'll have access to over 50 of D.C. & Co's songs from 4 albums, So when you can't come to us, we'll still be there for you!







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                It's Dinner In A Ball

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Mother's Day Gift featuring a beautiful card and an attached three song CD including  D.C. 's song "Mother's Day" and 2 Mother's Day flavored instrumentals by The Reese Project. Click here to Check It Out!!




D.C. & Co's Brand new CD "Alive" is hot off the press! Check it out, click  right here to listen to it and buy it through CD baby!

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click here to check out D.C.'s kids book! check out D.C.'s new kids book called Down On the Corner of Alphabet Street!

We're glad your here and want you to stop back.  Every month or so we'll give you another one of our songs to enjoy for free! click on the present to listen.

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Click on the presents to listen and download "Rescue ME" for free!

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"Rescue Me" is from our second CD "Somethin's Happenin'" It's got that New Orleans, swamp kind of groove. It's about living with the demons inside, that attack when you're alone..."Won't somebody come, come and rescue me". Marty (Martha) Mason joined me on vocals, and this features Jerry Laboranti on Sax. I think he was 15 or 16 years old at the time and already a monster at the sax.  I hope you enjoy it!


W. Christian Treiber - President of Dreamscape Records L.T.D.
Take one part J. Giles Band, add the Tower of Power and you might have an idea of how this band sounds. If you could find a definition of the band in the dictionary it would be " Instant Party"
"Ain't That Somethin' "
"ZOWEEEE! What a tight, rockin' project you got going on! My hat is off to you. Ain't That Somethin' is a work of art!"...Linda Garboczi Events Coordinator- Reading, PA


"Ain't That Somethin' is a breath of seriously fresh air!"...Ken Egbert, Click here to read more.

""Ain't That Somethin'" certainly lives up to its title!"...Gordon Baxter, Blues On Stage Click here to read more.

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"Dave Costarella creates a heady brew of funk, jazz, rock and blues with this blistering bad ass disc"... Mark E. Waterbury
Music Morsels 
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"Most of the time I analyze bands in terms of influence, but with D.C. & Co. only the word “channel” could possibly describe how the construction worker is able, in a flash, to transform into a gritty bluesman howling a meaty refrain, or a smooth Cajun huckster cajoling audiences with bouncy New Orleans funk. And juggling these personas seems like second nature to Dave and the band"....Mathew Johnson - Fly Magazine Click here to read more.

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Take our CDs for a test drive!

We want you to be happy! When you buy any of our CDs from CD Baby, you can send them back to me for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. No questions asked. Just send CD in packaging with sales receipt to D.C. & Co. 924 First St. Lancaster, PA 17603 and we'll send your refund promptly!

"I've been Blessed with the gift of music. I don't know why music comes to me, sometimes I wake up with whole songs that I've never heard before, playing in my head, and they're good songs. Other times I start with an idea or an intention, and if you listen long enough and stay out of the way it will write itself.

Like I said I don't know why it happens, but I do know it's my responsibility to honor the music, put it together the best I can .Fortunately, I also have a gift for finding great players, not just great musicians, they are nice people, people that you enjoy on an off the stage, people I consider family. But as players, they play from the tips of their toes on up, it's part of their being, and they keep challenging themselves to grow and learn!

When we perform, or record a new song, or CD, it's more than the rhythms, the notes and the vocals. It's all of our heart and souls coming together to form a life of it's own. An energy. When you come to our gigs or listen to our CDs the energy has a chance to be shared and expand. I'm very proud of our music and all who lend themselves to it. I would love to share it with you, take it out for a test drive!

Thanks and all the best."

Dave Costarella (D.C.)

         D.C. & Co's brand new release "Ain't That Somethin' "        
Is hot off the press and coming to a radio station near you!
It will be available in fine music stores through out the U.S.A..
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D.C. & Co.'s music is a great gift for any occasion. It'll give them countless hours of enjoyment with grateful thoughts of you, each time!

You can also sample songs and purchase by the track or by the album through iTunes. Downloads are only $0.99 per song  $9.99 per CD by clicking on the title below. All purchase transactions linked to this site, are 100% safe, secure, private, and guarantied, - great music, good prices, delivered to you! What are you waiting for?

 Ain't That Somethin'    Somethin's Happenin'    Somethin' Definately Goin' On

We also offer many music, event, and business services click here to learn more.

These Blues brothers want you at  Lancaster's Blues Courtyard Concert Series! click here to learn more!


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