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Body Works

 Pain Relief, Intuitive Healing, Circuitry Unblocking, Nerve, Muscle, Stress, & Arthritis Relief

Dave Costarella"Writing music and healing are the only two things in my life that come completely natural to me. Call them gifts, curses, freaks of nature, they just are, and I try to honor them to the best of my ability"...Dave Costarella  

Contact - email - appointment 717 293 0851- emergency 717 951 8839 located west end of Lancaster, PA * This is only for pain relief -all predators, leave now.

Using a combination of deep tissue massage and circuitry unblocking I'm able to relieve or remove many painful, physical, muscle and nerve related ailments, dissipate internal body masses and lumps and reduce arthritic pain and immobility.  Usually within 20 minutes of a session we will both know if the therapy will be helpful or not. Sometimes symptoms are relieved in two minutes, others it may take one to three sessions. Click here to view testimonials.

How does it work? I have a gift, an extreme sensitivity to the electricity flow in humans.  The best way I can describe it, is that my hands are like jumper cables; in that they feel where the circuitry is blocked,  the direction that it's trying to go and the path to reopen it. I'm sort of like a mild version of the character John Coffee in the movie " The Green Mile". A lot of times where the pain appears is not where it starts. So I try to remove all the blocks in the spinal chord circulation for optimum wellness. When a block is removed, the energy flows through, and I can feel it and so will you.

No frills approach. Most of the work is done on a massage table in the upstairs of my home. I can come to you when ailments require it. Though your comfort is extremely important, there is no ambient music, no aroma therapy, no fancy oils or glamour spa treatment. Your here to be fixed. Often I will apply Icy Hot  mentholated rub to areas to be treated. You need to be clean, usually I will need access to your complete back, neck, legs and feet. So wear a loose fitting pair of shorts. I do supply hospital style gowns, if preferred.

What if it doesn't help? Like I said above. Usually I can tell within 20 minutes, if the session will be helpful or not. If not, I'll  give you any thoughts I have about what to do and there is no charge.  I am continually learning the depths and the limitations of this gift, and welcome the opportunity to work with any illness or injury that may benefit.

How much does the session cost? Generally a donation of $60.00 for a session is the norm, but if you're in pain and can't afford that, I'll be glad to work with you at a price that you can afford. Healing is what it's about, and if I can help rid your pain, I'll be glad to share the gift. Also If you are rich and want to donate more, I won't be offended

How Often should you have a session?  I'm here to fix you, not to keep you. It's a case by case situation. A lot of times there is full relief in a single session, others (such as rheumatoid arthritis & planters fasciitis) may take 2-4 sessions with tune ups every few months as needed.

How should I expect to feel, afterwards?  Everyone is different, and every ailment or blockage will have different results. What happens is, unblocking of the spinal chord  which is the nervous systems pathway to the brain and goes through out your whole body, your back, legs, arms, finger tips, down to your toes, . Some clients with minor symptoms will feel better, but lackadaisical or tired (extremely relaxed) for a short time afterwards. Some people with chronic pain will feel energized and  ready to take on the world. On occasion, you may experience an acceleration of the healing process and your symptoms may intensify for a brief time. When this happens, the recovery period of the illness or injury is usually reduced. In the process, it all runs through me first (the jumper cables) and it might take me a few moments afterwards to breathe it all out. You'll need to drink a lot of pure water after words to rid the toxins that have been released through the unblocking.


Please be in touch with any questions or concerns.   Email

Natures Medicines

After being cured of PTSD and sciatica by Ibogaine, I started, researching other natural cures, and medicines as illnesses showed up in my friends, family, and clients. Below, I will share what I've learned, about certain natural medicines and I'll have a link to the best product and prices that I've found.  Do your own research, and talk to your doctor or care giver before making decisions on your health choices. I am not a doctor or licensed practitioner, nor am I receiving any monetary profits from the sales of any of these products.

 If you know of other natural products that cure, or have a condition that you want researched, please let me know and we can learn together and share the info. As time allows I will post the new info.

Ibogaine : Drug interruption, mental diseases, chemical imbalances, chronic pain, PTSD, infertility, inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, MS, Aids, Herpes, . The list goes on and the research is very limited. This root bark extract saved my life from PTSD and cured me of sciatica, click here to read about my experience and find informational links..

Heantos : If you are needing to detox  from opiates or cocaine check out heantos as an option. for less than $1,000.00 it will get you through detoxification with minimal discomfort or withdraw. check it out by clicking here.   It won't do everything that Ibogaine does for the mind, spirit and body. but it will help get you clean, and it's legal in the US. Please read more about it.

The next two ( Noni Juice & Samento ) are not as dramatic as Ibogaine, but their all round medical benefits are  pretty amazing.

Noni Juice: Cancer, tumors, arthritis, anti inflammatory, pulmonary, lung capacity, anti-oxidants, digestive system, Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic, Analgesic,  pain relief, head aches, general immune booster. This is the best price I have found for 100% pure Noni (click here) and it tastes better than most.

Samento: Cancer, tumor, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, arthritis. degenerative illnesses, auto-immune, general wellness. This is the best price that I have found (click here) for both Samento capsules and drops.

Essiac Tea : Cancer, Tumors, Hepatitis and more. A friend of mine used this on a friend of mine that was riddled with cancer, all treatments had failed and doctors gave him weeks - months to live. He is now healthy & cancer free. It was developed from an Indian recipe by Rene Caisse, and used to cure cancer patients when all medical methods failed. Please click here to learn more. 

Hyaluronic Acid:   Arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and pain linked to joint damage. Additionally, the supplements can be useful in increasing bone density, muscle strength, mobility, alertness, sleep quality, sexual potency, wound healing and eye health. Hyaloronic Acid can be purchased at most health food stores and pharmacies, I've found best prices on line. I've seen great results with bone on bone pain in as a little as two weeks, with continuous improvement. I'd recommend doing 120 mgs of this daily for a month before deciding to get hip or knee replacements, it may fix you.

Cinnamon:  type two diabetes. lower cholesterol 

Night Time Leg Calm: Restless leg syndrome, leg cramps. I bought this for my mother and she says it works in seconds, every time. click here for more info and to purchase.

Blood Pressure Wellness Oil: Lower blood pressure, I got this for a friend who had newly been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and was monitoring it daily, and he said it works. click here for more info and to purchase.